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Sex and the City Movie POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!!!

SPOILER!!!!! consider yourself warned. though I will code and not mention anything really specific.

1st I was amazed at how emotionally involved I was.. I felt like I was bawling through a huge portion of the movie... just chunks of it were soo heart wrenching. And then my character starts out with a day in my life, "see i am like her" and then the bottom drops out. Mind you there was plenty of humor as well... but sad.

I feel like they took the show to the big screen and so threw big issues at the girls, and I know people are like it's just a dumb tv-show about sluts, but I think it brings up real issues and real things to think about... and I think forgiveness was a huge issue in this one. What does it take to forgive someone? To accept and move on, to love and forget... and how do you make the decision? Do you make sure you never make a decision out of fear? out of "it's the right thing"? When do you put your own happiness first? And how do you ask your friends to go along with you when you do decide that it's love and that you are going to forgive. My character she put her foot down and said no way, which this isn't the first time for that.. but when she realized the shoe might be on the other foot I think she rethought, and one can only hope made the right decision. Why did she have to totally leave... when is love not enough? Love was of course another huge theme in the movie, I think it was written out in at least two props(or set dressing).. and if you are going to put a word out there it better really really mean something, not just the word in real life, but the story line and world you are creating. I'm not sure she HAD to leave.. but for her it was amazing she did as long as she did.

The movie also brought up my ultimate of career goal again... I need to discover and learn and master the skills that will make me valuable and amazing. :o)

I loved the movie... and I don't want it to be, you're a fan you were going to love it anyways.. actually I expected to be disappointed.. how could they take a glimmer that is perfectly packaged in 30/45 min and stretch it into hours without it becoming too much?? But I think they stepped up. The fashion scene was a bit much, but whatever.. they paid their homage to NYC, they gave a great intro into the story. And I just read a review that said they didn't spend enough time on the relationship between the girls... but if they had I don't know how strong the movie could be... can you really spend 2 hours watching them talk over brunch? I like all the characters and interactions and such, but really? Oh I was also surprised by one of the choices C made... Samantha, not Miranda?? maybe it was played as trump-type card.

P.S. I love that one of the most hear-wrenching scenes was almost impossible not to laugh at, and I know they did that on purpose.. too cute.

If you had all the money in the world would that affect your decisions? Not the what to buy and what to wear and what to drive, but the big ones.. the life changing ones. And if it does, then should we make those decisions as if we did have all the money in the world.. does that mean they are the right ones? or that we are just deciding them with the right brain, our hearts.....
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