Tiffany (misstiff) wrote,

ramblings inside my head

A. I don't know how to argue/discuss.. I've never been taught and I live with the perpetual fear that if we argue then the love is gone, I've always had this fear, don't know if I can outgrow it.

B. I am shocked that people can touch my life so much, mean so much to me and then it's like they need nothing from me anymore and I don't exist anymore. This is not as much a complaint that people don't want me in their life, it's more that amazing things happen in people's lives and I don't even know... I've missed them. And it makes me sad that I've missed them. I want to be involved, I want to give my love and support for these amazing things in your life.

C. I really must work at being a better friend.

D. I was good with the baby stage, the toddler stage I don't think I'm so good with.

E. I should be sleeping.

F. I just made my first center pull ball, and it's got to be one of the most satisfying things I have ever done... and it's pretty to boot.

G. I'm not good with the toddler stage, and I need breaks.. but that's complicated at the moment.

H. I hate that my closest friends are far away from me.

I should be sleeping.. good night.
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